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TCA Correcting/ Expeditor Cream Peel

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  TCA Correcting / Expeditor Cream 
 If you are new to this line and don't know  where to start?
This is a good place!"
       A rapid hydrator and peel all in one.This Cream Peel will enhance your existing treatment  in the following ways.
                                * Boosts stubborn skin slough
                                * Immediate hydration and exfoliation simultaneous
                                * Use alone as a peel!
                                   No signs of peeling until you hot compress/wash
                                * Immediate smoothing/tightening results!
                                * Use on day 2 or 3 to expedite any peel!
                                * Perfect for alternating peels to gain maximum exfoliation
                                * Use up to 3 times in 1 day for a deeper result!
                                * Tightens the skin while you wait to peel!
                                * All Good Face Days here (no crinkleys!)


                                 Here is what you wrote...

Hi Julie,

To: <[email protected]> Subject: TCA Corrector 10:12:59 AM You are a genius. I don't know which one of the new products I like better. The amazing cream is the only thing I have ever used that has lasted throughout the whole day and not left my skin feeling dry by the time I leave a very warm office. And the corrector/expeditor? How do I get more?????? Just love the stuff. I almost use it like a moisturizer and then top it with the amazing cream. I am peeling without anyone knowing lol. Brilliant:-)



I almost cried when I looked at myself in the mirror this morning (happy tears) and saw how much my skin has improved. My skin tone looks so much better. I don't see any new breakouts! I LOVE the new TCA Corrector. And the cleanser doesn't dry out my skin! And I was seriously thinking about getting Botox cause my eyelids have been so puffy and droopy but they actually look better now too! Not sure what has helped but I am guessing maybe the peels have helped tighten that area around my eyes. Guess I will have to try your eye cream soon and see what that does!

Hi Julie!

The new product you provided in a sample is wonderful. I want a lot of it as soon as you put it out. I am using it at night, the new amazing cream in the morning and washing my face with Albolene. My skin is looking better and better--I am 58 with few wrinkles but a slightly saggy neck and I still break out, but I have no breakouts since using this new product and my skin seeems tighter. Next, if you could formulate something for broken blood vessels on the face, I would be in Heaven.Office Use Only: From: Email:gin Name: Not logged in Login Email: Not logged in IP Address: 7.178

Julie,This sample tca correct is FANATASTIC!!! The best product ever except maybe your new amazing day/eye cream. When is the launch date & when can I buy???? I want to be first in line!! thanks L


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