An Exciting Concept in Achieving a Flawless Complexion

Perfect Tan


Perfect Complexion Perfect Tan  I'm sending you 8 oz for $65!!! And an APPLICATION MITT! Bing! Bang! Boom! You're done! So fast. So easy and SO beautiful!!                      


       This product is the very best tanning product I have ever used in my life!  

I developed Perfect Complexion Perfect Tan for myself. Exhausted  from using self tanning creams that turned my olive skin orange, I began deformulating  the exact ingredients used in Mystic Tan and combined it with the benefit of  soy protein and transdermal penetration.

Perfect Tan becomes part of your skins natural texture due in part to liposomal delivery of the brown color to the topmost layers and the subdermal (under the stratum corneum) layers. This is  EXACTLY how a real suntan works! 

 I can't keep this formula all for myself any longer!  I owe it to so many others who constantly struggle with tanning beds vs. self tanners, sprays and the tan wipes AND the cost to maintain it all. 

We have all  had  moments when we catch a glimpse of ourselves outside and think.."UGH this looks so fake"! Or embarrassing toilet and tub stains....I have been there!  (Read my story at the very bottom)

 Your struggle is over. If you trust my products and my concepts on anti-aging and resurfacing then you know I wouldn't sell anything that wasn't a home run out of the ballpark. I hit the MOON with this formula!





  • Contains DHA and ERYTHRULOSE     
  • Anti Aging Co Q 10 and 12
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Soy Protein
  • Perfect brown coloring
  •  No orange tones
  • good smell 
  • Drys fast!
  • No streaking! No spotting! This product will exceed your expectations by 200%.
  • Mystic Tan lovers will NOT BELIEVE this!!    
  • Brown in color leaves medium hue darkening over 24 hours
  • No staining clothes or rubbing off (after set)
  • Skin feels smooth and soft right away
  • Full Body and Face treatment
  • Removes fully from hands with mens shaving gel (only)
  • Use any time of day (wait 1 hour after showering)


"I have an embarrassing story that inspired me to work very hard on creating this product. Last year I was at a Cat Shelter doing some 'socializing' of feral kittens. It was summer time and I was wearing a short jean skirt and sporting a heavy deep bronze Mystic Tan feeling pretty terrific in mind, body and spirit."

 "One of the kittens was not too happy when I pulled him out of his cage. He had a fit and began to pee everywhere. I pulled him towards me into a towel, not caring too much about his little accident. I sat down with him and worked on getting him cleaned off. When I stood up I noticed that everyone was looking at my legs and gasping "What happened Julie??"  It turned out that I was soaked right down to my skirt with kitty pee-pee!  The acid in the urine had chemically diluted my dark brown Mystic Tan right down to my natural skin color! It looked like someone had thrown white paint on my legs!  I was horrified and embarrassed but I laughed it off and quickly made an exit. The next day I began working on the transdermal absorbtion concept and also vowed not to use any compounds that were acidic reactive! True story!   ~ Julie





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