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Bio Identical Hyaluronic Protein

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Bio Identical compounding is a brand new technology where the topical compound can be metabolised by the skin tissue rather then creating chemical dependency. This product is for topical use, but can be used in mesotherapy treatments which is a subdermal application of distributing the protein below the stratum corneum.

Bio Identical Hyaluronic Protein contains no poly or methylparaben preservatives and is bottled every 7 days which gives it more then 12 months of shelf life. Bottled in light reflective polypropylene treatment pumps designed to dispense 190 MCL of product per stroke keeping air out of the bottle to maintain purity and potency.

For best results, this product should be used on NEW skin growth. The key to flawless skin is RAPID EXFOLIATION followed by INFUSION OF PROTEIN.

You will see results after just one 20 minute compress. Perfect Complexion Hyaluronic Acid may also be used in spot treatment applications, but it is best applied in an esthetic technique which is explained in the enclosed directions!


This product is compounded from NASHA GRADE Hyaluronic Acid which is the key active ingredient in the injectible filler called RESTYLANE sold for $600 per cc administered only by trained professionals! This product contains no preservatives or inactive materials. Not for ingestion or injection



For best results: Use this product post peel and in compress form as directed










Julie Recommends this product for:

  • Aging skin

  • Damaged skin

  • Poor skin health

  • elasticity and tone

  • Scar recovery

  • Anti Aging Maintenance




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