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 Remember: I am using these products every day on clients and on myself. I am always learning and researching advancements in ingredients and blending of ingredients. My goal is to have the most effect product possible to help us achieve amazing results.
Here are a few things you are going to notice about the TC Aloe Cleanser
* It is GRAY in color. It contains charcoal which clears and kills bacteria!
* Contains oil and lipids that will not destroy the moisture barrier
* Devised for all skin types. mature skin to acne prone.
* Clarifying cleanser for gentle application with fingertips.
*Extra treatment let sit for a few minutes!  Wet warm wipe clean!
*New formulation has eight times as many antioxidents!!



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Most people who have sudden onsets of skin eruptions are not aware that over washing the skin will rob the skins natural occurring protein. This oil is ESSENTIAL in transferring collagen, elastin and dna repair protein to the outer stratum layer, as well as the epidermis where it is waiting to replenish the new skin growth.

Most cleansers today contain a high phosphate and/or oil reducers and parabens. All of these compounds are unfamiliar with the skins metabolism. Using a strong cleanser causes the skin to break down each compound and this process will leave the skin tight and dry leading to a sudden surge of oil. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it has a fool proof hydration and anti bacterial system built right into the metabolism. Interfering or interrupting this process will lead to surges of oil, which eventually causes follicle blocks in the sebaceous gland. Stopping the flow of oil is a recipe of disaster and short term will create a ‘man-made acne event and eventually will lead to premature aging.

"I recommend this for everyone! This product will exceed your expectations! I never believed I could do any better than my last cleanser.. but I did. I knocked this one out of the park. You can use this one every won't over dry your peel treatments!"

Finally, those who are addicted to facial washing can do so without interrupting the skins natural ability to replenish its protein level.

You may rest assured that Perfect Complexion  TC Aloe Cleanser will remove dead skin cells and impurities on the skins topmost layer, without leaving your face dry and unbalanced. You will feel the difference after one application.

This product is best used alone or with patented 140 grit micro crystals as a treatment. Do not use cleansers during APEEL treatments.





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