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APeel 2.0 Professional Grade Retinoic


                                  1 oz 2.0 Apeel Correct Professional Use only  $70.00  

This is bottled with an APeel Correct Label with a 2.0 label affixed over top. Please do not mix or use this product with any other peel. Follow the directives on the APeel userguide. Application should be for less than 30 seconds, and wiped off. Wait several days to see what occurs before expediting or repeating process. For professional use only. This product contains 20% retinoic acid and should never be applied and left on the skin. Do not use on the body or neck. Do not apply anywhere near the eye orbitol area, nostrils or hairline.  This product does not burn upon contact but retinoic acid is an irritant and should only be used with proper supervision. Always do a trial application of 1 area first. Fully remove this product after application and discard or rinse cloth fully as you can easily transmit this product back onto your skin by reusing wash cloth. For professional use only.   

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