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There are many grades of tricholoracetic acid with variety of wholesalers. TCA has been used in the machine industry for years for metal cleaning to remove rust and corrosion in US Navy shipyards. Unfortunately, there are some ‘rogue traders’ that are bottling this industrial grade chemical and marketing it to the skincare industry. When you see a bottle listed for $10 on an auction or website, you can rest assured that it is the poorest grade TCA with a high contaminate of metal fragment or worse! There is a saying that goes: Cheaper means CHEAPER!

A PERFECT TCA PEEL requires the user to use the LEAST STRENGTH needed to abrade the stratum corneum layer. This is a percentage over 10% and under 20. TCA over this strength will cause the skin to ‘frost’ or turn white (similar to an light broiler burn).

TCA Complex has a proven theory of abrading just enough of the stratum corneum to cause the skin to send valuable protein to the surface. When you FROST the skin too deeply, your body goes into WOUND REPAIR MODE where it creates antibodies, scar tissue, melanin and other secretions which MAY easily cause the skin to age faster! Melanin is produced when you tan, and when you are wounded and when you have surges of progesterone ( hormonal hyper pigmentation). When you go too deep into the epidermis or subcutis layers by using high doses of a caustic chemical, your skin produces HEALING PROTEIN to bandage the chemical peel. This is NOT the correct way to do a peel.

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Forget what you read about percentages. Most  bottlers of TCA are buying industrial dytricholoractic liquid TCA 50% and diluting it 4 times. This is not what we use in the aesthetic industry for facial chemical peel.

True TCA is a white crystal block that you cannot dilute by standard parts per hundred. Adding 100% water to a 1 oz. block of pure TCA crystal yields 2 oz. of 99.9% pure triple acetic acid. This is why many people who have bought from other sources comment that they have used 50% TCA, however TCA complex was so much stronger. Trust me when I say that if you used true 50% strength TCA on your skin you would have severe burns. By the time someone dilutes a 50% diluted TCA solution they are actually selling close to 5-8% and calling it 50%. This year, September 2007 we have finally petitioned chemical suppliers to assist us in refusing to sell to these so called 'home bottlers' in an effort to prevent this chemical from being misused.

                                                   How does TCA Complex work? 

The trick behind an awesome peel is to fool the skin into secreting a TON of natural collagen and elastin to the effected area. When you burn your skin using high doses of TCA, every ounce of that natural protein becomes wound repair and it will have no benefit to your new skin growth because it is used up on trying to heal the skin that is in trauma. In fact, this method of resurfacing using strong acid or industrial grade chemicals suddenly becomes the reason for rapid aging rapid aging! Perfect Complexion TCA complex is 12.5 with a buffer and a booster. This is a very strong peel if you have ever purchased TCA anywhere else. My compounding starts from pure TCA white crystal. You can swipe it or layer it to your desired depth. Your desired peel.


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Without the trauma and 'down-time' required with using HIGH percentages! You can safely resuface your skin with Perfect Complexion TCA Complex. Our very special patented formula is like NONE OTHER in that it contains a Beta booster and a buffer so it is safe for all skin-types! I have been formulating this product for 5 years! Beware of imitations (most of them purchased THIS PRODUCT and tried to duplicate it) as they have proven to be TOO strong for most skin types which WILL lead to hyperpigmentations and premature aging! Slow and non-traumatic skin resurfacing without causing trauma!









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  • Hormonal Acne

  • Teen Acne

  • Rosacea Skin

  • Eczema Skin

  • Oily Skin

  • Aging, Fine Lines

  • Sun Damage

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