An Exciting Concept in Achieving a Flawless Complexion

Flasche Peel (flash peel) New AMAZING for ALL SKIN TYPES!

Rapid Peel or 'Flasche Peel' is a transdemally absorbed 2 part compound. This product will not work unless you shake it quickly to blend the acid and the bio identical transdermal protein.

I love using a paper towel but you do lose a little bit of the product b/c it absorbs quickly into the towel. Another method is 2 qtips but you MUST SHAKE IT WELL!! 

Apply all over like a toner and count to 30. Remove it with your cleanser.

The effects are instant and continual. The peel is delivered under the skin so it gives an immediate tightening effect. If its too tight, feel free to dot some moistureizer on!!!



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