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HA-Soy Lift Cream

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    Finally.... Back by popular demand! One dot on each eye lid crease will give you an all day eye lift!!  Full face neck lifting and nourishing cream!! 

       1 oz. -  $45.00

         2 oz. -  $80.00            


 Compare this compound identically to 24/7 FREEZE  sold everywhere at $115 per oz!!  WELL, not exactly..... because HA SOY LIFT  contains TWICE as many active compounds without any non active ingredients! This stuff will blow your mind!

                              Welcome to the world of ANTI-OXIDENTS! 
They have been around a long time, but lately getting a lot of attention with words like IDEBONONE. Idebonone isn't a new product. It is ubiquonone, which is quite simply, vitamin Q, a.k.a. co enzyme Q-10. The skincare industry has not made any new discoveries in the enzymatic protein area, but they are finding clever ways to remarket the same product over and over and over again. With new marking campaigns come high retail prices and 'HARD TO GET' tactics to cause a lot of undue press. Sadly, they are just rebottling and remixing the same compounds. We would hope they would use valuable advertising dollars on increasing the potency of the product to help us achieve fast and permanent results however the key to the multi billion dollar anti aging industry is to keep you re-buying the product for the next 20 years.

With Perfect Complexion HA SOY LIFT I have restructured the compound to deliver the highest dose of Vitamin Q, or idebonone, or CoQ10, which actually, patent pending become Co Q 12 in topical form. Used after your rapid resurfacing, the results are too unbelievable to sell. That is why this product is selling by word of mouth. If you found this, you got here by a message board or posting or a good friend sent you!

I welcome you as a new customer and/ or repeat client. You think you love my other products? This one is going to make you laugh out loud!  ~Julie



BIO-Q10 does not stop at the first layer as most topically applied beauty enhancement products do... It has been specially formulated to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin through a unique, all-natural botanical delivery system just like my A Peel and Hyaluronic acid.,in fact ALL of my proteins have liposomal delivery.. Therefore; these botanical enzymes are able to fully and adequately repair the damage from the outside in, and from the inside out.

You will notice immediate lifting, firming and toning of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. You will see and feel the long term results when those healthy new cells start making their way to the surface!





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  • All skin types

  • All skin conditions

  • Acne skin

  • Aging skin

  • Hormonal skin


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