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Royal Jelly + HA

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Royal Jelly + HA is such an AMAZING compound because it addresses EVERY skin concern simultaneously. The Royal Jelly base stimulates the cellular metabolism. Very often acne skin or even frequent breakouts are caused by the skin inability to successfully nourish the outer stratum corneum. As we sweat and secrete oil, our skin produces very valuable protein like collagen and elastin which is carried out to the topmost layer with the help of the oil secretions. Due to various products we use that contain harsh phosphates or due to internal symptoms such as irregular hormone balances were the body secretes HIGH doses of progesterone prior to menstruation, OUR SKIN tends to slow down this natural hydration and ant aging secretion system. THUS SAID, the oil and carried proteins not fully able to reach the destination, digress backward into follicles and glands and sebaceous glands thus causing a pimple to form. On the other side, your have your skin which is NOW deficient in protein because the intended oils did NOT reach the outer layer. So, many factors start to arise. Pimples form, dry skin begins, oil surges occur. Your skin starts to show signs of distress. As a result of this, we often reach for PIMPLE medications which worsen the effects because they are OIL REDUCERS and they slow the oil down even more!

Perfect Complexion Royal Jelly + HA will speed up the cellular metabolism so your skin can work at 100% efficiency. No preservatives, additives or thickeners. This is PURELY POTENT and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE.

For AGING skin, the results are quite amazing too. As we age, our cellular metabolism slows down naturally, and by age 70 we do not secrete much protein like collagen and elastin. That is why aging is so rapid over the age of 60.

Royal Jelly + HA will not only keep the cellular metabolism working efficiently, but it will also speed up dormant glands! So it is never too early to start a regimen of compressing with Royal Jelly + HA. The hyaluronic only BINDS it to the skin so much deeper, that you are actually getting the benefit of TWO products in ONE treatment.









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  • Acne Skin

  • Hormonal Acne

  • Teen Acne

  • Rosacea Skin

  • Eczema Skin

  • Oily Skin

  • Aging, Fine Lines

  • Sun Damage

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